Highlights: Topkapı Palace,Hagia Irene Church ( From Outside),Caferaga Medresesi,Soğukçeşme Street. Meet the Guide at the lobby of your Hotel. Price includes: Guiding, transportation and entrance fees Special Note:Topkapı Palace Museum is closed on Tuesdays,It will be replaced with Chora Museum, Caferaga Medrese is closed on Mondays' Caferaga Medrese and Blue Mosque will switch places on Fridays..

Topkapı Museum is the big one...The most important museum of Turkey and The Balkan Peninsula.It is an incomparably rich treasurechest, brimming with things of historical importance.First,second,third and fourth courtyards; the audience Hall,Divan-the High Court,Historical Kitchens,Royal Stables, the Treasury, gardens, kiosks...Probably the best commentary on Ottoman History, art and its culture is simply to come direct to the First Courtyard of this amazing Palace.Next place to see is Hagia Irene Church (from outside)Our final places of interest are Caferağa Medrese and Soğukçeşme Street.To see these things with a great guide...Well,you will never be quite the same again. Tour Number: S002